Wooden hangers – how to choose the right hanger for your clothes?

The type of hanger you use for your clothes can have an impact on their durability. If you haven’t paid attention to your clothing hangers before, it’s time to change that. Well-chosen hangers will not only allow you to enjoy your favorite blouses or dresses for longer, but also make it easier to keep your wardrobe organized. Well-chosen hangers will also enable you to make the most of the closet or dressing room space.

We store clothes on hangers that are easily susceptible to distortion or creasing, such as shirts, dresses, jackets, coats, or thin blouses. By caring for our clothing, we want to preserve their durability for as long as possible. Therefore, hangers should be of high quality and durable, making wooden hangers the best choice.

Types of clothing hangers

It is worth noting that specific hangers are designed for storing certain elements of your wardrobe. Below we present the main types of wooden hangers in our portfolio:

  • hangers for shirts, blouses, and dresses

classic, lightweight hangers that will allow you to store this type of clothing practically. The shape of the arms and the construction of our models will enable you to organize and tidy up your wardrobe in an easy and aesthetic way, without causing deformation or distortion of your shirts, blouses, and dresses.

  • hangers for jackets, coats, and suits

these wardrobe pieces require thick, sturdy hanger arms that can support their weight. When hung on the appropriate hangers, clothes will maintain their shape and avoid deformation, especially around the shoulders, collars, and backs. We particularly recommend block hangers, whose strong construction will hold even the heaviest coats or jackets.

  • hangers for trousers and skirts

delicate trouser and skirt materials can easily crease or slip off classic hangers. It is important, therefore, to store these elements of your wardrobe on hangers with adjustable clips. Thanks to them, clothing will be stably stored and prevent creasing.

  • special hangers for trousers and skirts

if you don’t have much space in your closet, a good solution would be to use special hangers for trousers and skirts. Thanks to the special crossbars, you can hang several skirts or trousers on one hanger without worrying about them creasing or becoming distorted.

  • hangers for children

designed for the youngest children’s clothing, these special-sized wooden hangers will help you maintain order in children’s wardrobes. In addition, wooden hangers will blend in perfectly with almost any decor in a child’s room.

  • special hangers for chasubles, ties, and scarves

chasubles, ties, and scarves are made of particularly delicate materials that require appropriate storage. Wooden hangers with the appropriate finish are designed to prevent creases and deformation, while allowing you to organize and present these accessories properly.

Details matter

Wooden hangers can be both practical and aesthetic elements. In our wooden hanger portfolio, you will find a wide selection of products. Meanwhile, the finish catalog will allow you to match their appearance, shape, and color to the style of your wardrobe