Acquiring raw materials and selection

  • The timber comes from FSC® certified sources.
  • We acquire wood for production in accordance with sustainable harvesting principles, and the distance from harvesting to our facility does not exceed 70 km.
  • We carry out an optimized process for selecting timber materials in order to minimize the amount of waste generated and maximize its processing.
  • Our facility has an FSC® certificate: DNV-COC-000709; licence number: FSC-C003367

Production process

  • The entire production process, from the sawmill to the assembly hall, takes place within our facility.
  • Water-based lacquers are used during the production process.
  • All necessary wood processing and treatment departments are located on over 8 hectares of land.
  • In 2022, we reduced our use of foam packaging by over 60% in favor of paper.
  • Wood processing machines are equipped with inverters to reduce energy consumption and adjust energy demand to the machine’s workload.
  • Heat recovery systems are installed in the production halls during machine dust extraction.
  • The facility is equipped with a modern Central Dust Extraction System supported by filtering stations with heat recovery.

Energy and ecology

  • We meet part of our electricity needs using our own photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of over 150 kW, and the rest comes from renewable sources of “GREEN ENERGY.”
  • We use the heat generated from burning wood biomass, which comes from production waste, to heat office spaces, production halls, and drying chambers. The entire combustion process takes place in a modern, fully automated boiler house with a maximum capacity of 3.5MW located within our facility.
  • We produce high-quality wood briquettes from the generated waste, which are 100% made of wood waste without the use of adhesives or other binders for production.
  • We use LPG-powered forklifts or battery-powered for internal transportation within the facility.
  • Waste generated during the production process is 100% segregated and forwarded for recycling.

Human resources

  • Our employees engage in initiatives related to renewing forest resources by afforesting designated areas.
  • We conduct training on sustainable wood harvesting and handling based on the principles outlined in FSC procedures.
  • We support pro-ecological initiatives related to forestry management and the protection of natural resources.