For nearly 100 years, we at Forest have been manufacturing wooden products. Our extensive experience and team of specialists have allowed us to become experts in a specific type of product – wooden hangers and kitchen accessories.

We offer our product range to clients in the clothing, hotel, and interior design industries. Our focus is always on the customer, and we create offers that meet the most demanding expectations.


Thanks to having our own production facilities and sourcing raw materials exclusively from Polish forests managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we are able to meet all of our customers’ requirements and expectations while also caring for the natural environment.

We are particularly proud to have held the FSC® (The Forest Stewardship Council) certificate since 1998, which demonstrates our long-standing commitment to maintaining a balance between the economy and ecology in the forestry industry.


As a brand, we focus on aesthetics and precision in every product that comes out of our factories. We are aware that wood is a durable, noble, and timeless material, which is why our hangers and kitchen boards are made from solid beech, ash, oak, and maple.

We not only guarantee the durability of our products, but we also prioritize personalization and aesthetics, so that they are a beautiful and functional addition to any interior.

For our brand, the most important thing is that our products not only please the eye but also last for years, maintaining their appearance and functionality.