Since the 20-ties of the last century a small manufacture of wooden products operated in the area of the current plant in Gorlice. After World War II the estate became the property of the State Treasury which laid foundations of the production plant mainly processing the raw timber and manufacturing clothes hangers in the early years.

Up to 1963 the plant underwent a considerable extension and modernization, with ZPD FOREST becoming an enterprise spanning a number of facilities with its own sawmills, producing also parquet flooring and kitchen furniture. In the early 1990s subsidiaries were detached from the plant and a programme of restructuring implemented, resulting in May 2001 in the formation of a company encompassing employee ownership with the name of Gorlickie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drzewnego FOREST sp. z o.o. New short company name Forest Gorlice sp.z o.o. is valid from 27th November 2014.

The core product range relates to wooden clothes hangers and stands of various versions and finishes, with the remaining sphere of activity based on a broad range of traditional wooden products for the kitchen, including boards, breadbins and kitchen utensils. We employ c. 250 people and are one of the largest of this type of plant in Europe. Years of uninterrupted tradition have made Forest not only a leader in the production of clothes hangers and stands on the Polish market, but also a major player on the European market. We export our wares to many of the countries of the European Union, as well as to Japan, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine. The share of export in the total production of the firm is over 77%. One of our foremost recipients is IKEA.

Our goal is the success of the customer through provision of the highest class of product, well adapted to customer needs and requirements. The basic material for the production of our wares is beechwood, but we have at our disposal also ash, oak and sycamore. Since 1998 we have been certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), an assurance for recipients of an end product marked with the FSC logo that the product is acquired from wood derived from responsible forest management, combining with it concern for the environment and the interests of partners. A small amount of waste wood is utilized in the production cycle for hall and drying room heating in an effort to reduce the consumption of other fuels and the pollution which they can cause. We take care that materials used for production are safe for people as well as the natural environment. Varnishes and thinners are purchased from Plantagchemie GmbH and Oli-Lacke GmbH, non-slip varnish from Mankiewicz Gebr.&Co. and wood stain powder from Weilburger Coatings GmbH. Seals of approval issued by the National Institute of Hygiene allow all chopping boards and breadbins produced by Forest, as well as small kitchen accessories, to come into contact with food.