Clothes hangers for each occasion

Wooden hangers

Wooden special hangers

To keep your wardrobe in good order and properly arranged, we encourage you to purchase our special hangers, which are dedicated to specific types of clothing. When you do not have an oversized space, and obviously you do not want spend another time to iron crumpled things again, the ideal and simple solution are compact hangers, which are 3-skirts and 4-pants. The wooden slat used in both models of hangers is very easy to tilt, which makes access to the hangedclothing trouble-free and fast. Below you will find an explanation of these foreign sounding abbreviations.

Perfect hangers for skirts

You can hang up three skirtson one solid 3-skirts hanger with three crossbars equipped with clips. It is possible thanks to the reinforced top and sides, made of beech slats, all these elements varnished natural, so that the nice and warm wood structure is visible. Metal clips are covered with rubber to prevent from any harm to the clothes hanged up. Since the ends of the clips are smooth, nobad looking marks are left afterwards, as unfortunately happens in case of plastic grips. The skirts hanging out flat after taking out of the wardrobe will always look impeccable and without any creases, additional pleats or folds, which we would like to avoid, pulling out clothes from our wardrobe.

Trousers hangers

Our 4-pantsmodel is an ideal solution for trousers. It is equipped with fournon-slip crossbars, made of solid, varnished natural beech wood, which are coated with a rubber hose. The advantage of such crossbars is their non-slip effect, which in practice means that using this particular hanger you do not have to worry that the trousers would slip off on the floor.

The purpose of both solutions is mainly the possibility of saving a lot of space, as well as the convenience of using these specific products.