Wooden kitchen boards made of beech wood

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The cutting board is essential in every kitchen. Every day, we use chopping boards, cutting, crushing or simply for serving the food.

The kitchen board is also often a decoration of the kitchen counter, hence apart from functionality, it should also go well with our interior.

Below, we present our wide range of cutting boards. We also encourage you to get acquainted with our offer.

Which kitchen boards are the best?

Our company has cutting boards in its online store and wholesale recipients, which are very solid, made of beech wood.

Ceramic, glass, granite or plastic boards are also very popular. Each has advantages and disadvantages and it depends only on individual preferences that will be in our home. For sure, the kitchen board should be stable, safe to use, easy to clean.

When looking for a perfect wooden board, it is necessary to consider the hardness of the particular wood. Boards made from poplar wood, aspen wood or willow wood will certainly belong to very soft boards, so it’s questionable whether they will fulfill their role in the kitchen.

Medium hardwood is walnut, linden and acacia, so the boards from these trees are already in a better position.

The most durable and the most appreciated are kitchen boards made of very hard wood, for example beech, oak or ash. In our offer you can find the most solid boards that will serve for many years.

The construction of the cutting board is also very important. The surface can be completely flat, or grooved at the edges, so that any liquids will not pour out uncontrolled.

We also recommend the boards with handles that are very comfortable to hold tight while intensive cutting. Our round beech board has a wide metal handle thanks to which we can safely and comfortably move the board with its contents.

How to care for kitchen boards?

The cleanliness and hygiene of kitchen accessories are very important. Do not be afraid of washing. All you need to do is observe the maintenance rules so that you do not leave wooden elements for a longer time in the water.

The boards must not be washed in the dishwashers, after washing you have to wipe it dry – preferably with a paper towel.

We cordially invite you to ask any questions to our employees who are eager to help you choose our products.