Wooden clothes hangers – sorted depending on the purpose

Wooden hangers

Our company is the leader in the production of wooden home accessories on the Polish market. Wooden hangers hold the major part in our portfolio, but not the only one.

We do our work with passion, and our products can exemplify it best. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us – that’s why our wooden hangers are so popular.

In today’s article, we will discuss the types of hangers and their applications, depending on the purpose.

High quality wooden clothes hangers or other wardrobe utilities

Clothes hanger can have a different shape, size and length. These parameters depend on its intended use, meaning what sort of clothing would be hanged on it.

In the assortment of our retail store and wholesale orders you can find a rich offer, in which the most demanding customers will find something for themselves. We distinguish our hangers for:

  • shirts and blouses

  • suits

  • coats and jackets

  • trousers and skirts

We also offer multi-functional hangers as well as for children, hotel hangers or valet stands which can become a room decoration. Orders are treated very individually.

Our wooden hangers are mainly made of high quality beech wood, which is very durable and resistant to damage, thanks to which our products maintain in good condition for a long time.

We offer a wide range of finishing options: you can choose colour, style or lacquering options. There is a possibility of branding the hangers with prints and supplying with extra slip-nots or rubber non-slip stripes.

Types of wooden hangers

Depending on what kind of clothing we want to hang on the hanger, it shall have the adequate construction.

Flat hangers with small notches on wooden arms are intended for hanging shirts, shirts or surplices.

For suits, i.e. heavier garments, you should purchase 3D wooden hangers that additionally include a bar with a thin PVC hose to have the possibility to hang trousers along. The bar can also be made of metal with attached clips that hold trousers or skirt.

Wooden hangers which are dedicated only to trousers or skirts have the form of a wooden clamps grooved or with a felt inside, or as a wood stripe with side metal clips. For this type of clothing, ladder hangers with several bars one under the other also go well, since they save space in our wardrobe.

We encourage you to get acquainted with the wide range of our online store or contact us to make a wholesale order.