Wooden clothes hangers – a short intro and their application

Wooden hangers

Our company specializes in the production of high-quality wooden clothes hangers. In order for our clothes to be stored without creases, good quality hangers become relevant in every wardrobe.

A good quality hanger is not only the right material it is made from, but also its design and shape. Another hanger design is required for winter clothing, and another for summer, i.e. light clothing.

In the following article, we will introduce the assortment we produce closer and will also present our offer.

Flat and 3D clothes hangers

Our brand – Forest Gorlice – is mainly oriented on the products from beech wood. Clothes hangers are additionally lacquered, which makes their appearance refined and eye-pleasing.

You can find various hangers’ ranges in our store the assortment: for man’s suits and two-piece woman’s dress suits, for shirts and blouses, for pants and skirts, for coats and jackets, multifunctional, for children, valet stands, and hangers for hotels.

Some very useful hangers, also available in our store are tie hangers, scarves hangers and even chasuble hangers.

The hangers dedicated for heavy clothing, for example a winter jacket or a sheepskin coat, are 3D hangers. The arms of these hangers are broadened to form bulky shapes. Thanks to that the clothing shall not bend the hanger’s shoulders down, shall not make it deformed. The clothing remains intact, the fabric is not stretched.

Flat hangers, with fixed uniform thickness throughout the whole shoulders’ length, without wide shoulders’ form, serve well for any light clothing, such as blouses or shirts.


Finishing of clothes hangers

Our clothes hangers can be finished with various materials available on this website. Hangers’ hooks can be for example nickel-plated or brass-plated. Hooks can be matt, shiny, of golden rose colour, golden, black and many others.

Colour lacquering options, special aging-effect or staining options are also available.

On customer request, we can make mark-brands on hangers so that the customer’s order is dedicated to his brand.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our store full assortment.