What are the main features of high-quality clothes hangers?

Wooden hangers

Very often, even the expensive clothing, made of high quality fabrics, will look bad if we do not provide it a safe place in the wardrobe.

Folding and placing clothes on ordinary shelves often results in creased material that can deform and change the original shape.

Clothes hangers should be an indispensable furnishing at every home, where we care about our image and about how we generally look. Similarly solid hangers are essential in fashion stores and hotels.

Below you will find a short article with a description what are our hangers made from, so that our customers enjoy them as long and as much as possible.

What are the clothes hangers made from?

Regardless of whether we are the owners of a large wardrobe or just a small one, clothes hangers are a constant supplement when organizing the clothing – also in supermarkets (IKEA). Then you face a dilemma: where to get the right quality products?

Our company is focused on giving a greatest care to the quality of our products. Forest Gorlice brand hangers are made from very durable wood types. We can distinguish four types here, which are used in the production of our assortment: beech, ash, oak and maple.

Since the materials, which the hangers are made from, are very durable and you do not have to worry about the risk of bending or deforming under the clothing weight such as heavy coats, furs, or winter jackets. Our clothing will always preserve the perfect shape, both on the valet stand and on the traditional clothes hanger.

Wood is very pleasant in touch, has a beautiful natural colour. In addition, when varnished, its visual aesthetic properties are more emphasized. The varnish may have a non-slip effect, which prevents the clothes from slipping.

Wooden clothes perfectly match with any interior designs, maintaining the classic form and style. It is up to our client what colour of varnish or stain they will prefer.

How to choose the type of hanger?

Clothes hangers differ in their appearance quite significantly. When we face a choice and wonder which one we should buy for our wardrobe, you should carefully consider what clothing in particular you need to hang. Other hangers are useful for light shirts, and different ones for hanging trousers.

We kindly encourage you to contact our staff for an advice and for clarifying any doubts when making purchases.