The leading manufacturer of wooden clothes hangers in Poland

Wooden hangers

Creating hangers, valet stands and other wooden products for our customers is a pleasant work combined with passion.

Forest Gorlice brand has come up with the expectations since many years.

We manufacture clothes hangers, valet stands, hotel hangers for hotels, for kids, also designed for special clothing and much more. In our assortment everyone will find something for their needs.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our online store where our products are presented.

Types of clothes hangers

As a leading manufacturer of clothes hangers in our country, we have in offer very solid and durable wooden hangers. These are made from very strong beech wood, which fits to most interior design arrangements and our clients’ wardrobes.

Hangers can have 3D or flat shape, depending on which clothes they would be used for. Hangers’ hooks are very strong, rotating, making it easier to hang on and off any clothes.

The hangers can be with PVC ribbed tubes or with plain wood bars, which can serve to hang extra clothing accessories, such as a leather belt or a scarf.

In our online store assortment the hangers are divided into the following categories:

  • shirts / blouses

  • suits

  • coats / jackets

  • pants / skirts

  • multifunctional

  • kidzone

  • special

  • for hotel furnishing

  • stands


Each clothing requires a different shape of hanger, often these are small but very significant differences. As a manufacturer of clothes hangers, we want to provide a wide range, with no compromise on the customer’s side.

Stands for clothing very often find their application in a hotel where you can hang your clothes comfortably and quickly. The stand also allows you to use a steam iron, because the clothes are well exposed.

Keeping up the traditions of our company

We are recognised as a manufacturer of clothes hangers for over fifty years. However, the history of Gorlice plant goes back to even earlier times.

We do our best to use legal sourcing of the raw materials. We have numerous certificates, care for the environment is close to us, as well as frank and open relations with our business partners.

We cab boost ourselves of regular distribution in Europe and many countries worldwide. Our company has over 250 employees, making Forest Gorlice one of the largest companies in the industry in Europe.