Practical beechwood bread bins

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Breadboxes, commonly called bread bins, are very popular items of kitchen counter tops. In these days, bread bins are not just food containers but also decorative elements thanks to its elegant finishing.
Depending on what interior style prevails in our kitchen, we can recommend our bread bin in terms of material, finish and color.
Wooden bread bins we offer are traditional and classic designs, which will fit into most kitchen interiors.


Construction and purpose of wooden bread bins

Bread containers, as the name suggests, are mainly used for safe storage of bakery products, to preserve it fresh, keep the original taste as long as possible, and also protect it against mold or aging, and keep away from any insects. Properly made in technical terms, they serve their purpose.
For example, to keep any bread edible for as long as possible, bread bins should not be completely air-proof. The proper circulation of air is very important.
Bread bins usually consist of two parts – a fixed main body and a movable cover, in the form of a lid or sliding roll-tops. Special boards with extra covers or wicker-shutter bins also belong to bread container product range.
Our brand is proud to offer high quality products which make the solutions described above possible.


Bread containers from wood materials

Wooden bread container looks great on the kitchen countertop of both modern and classic design kitchen interiors, if among other wooden furnishings.

Its size can be adjusted as far as the available space is concerned, since bread container is normally kept outside the kitchen furniture. So not only that it must look nice, but also not take too much space, and be economical.
In the assortment under our brand we propose an original and extraordinary bread bin, which is a combination of wood and wicker. For sure it is an unconventional idea for reviving and making your kitchen space more attractive.
We also encourage you to get acquainted with our other products for food storage, also available in different colour finishing.