Kitchen equipment – kitchen utensils from wood

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Kitchen wooden articles in the whole assortment play a big part in our store and in production. You can find various cutting boards, bread containers, and minor utensils in our portfolio. Wooden products will certainly bring warm and cozy atmosphere into your kitchen.

Wood fits to most of kitchen’s arrangements, that’s why so many customers go for such supplements and accessories.

Wooden equipment in the kitchen means solidity and durability, as well as damage resistance.

We invite you to read the following text, where we present our kitchen equipment products.

What kitchen equipment is in our store offer?

Our range of kitchen wooden articles is divided into the products for: cutting, preparation, storage and serving. At every stage of cooking and preparing a meal, you can enjoy using comfortable and solid brand products.

For mixing dishes we recommend simple and convenient spoons from raw beechwood. The spoon grips can be flat or rounded, whatever you like. Spoons can have flat or openwork scooping part, if you need the spoon for straining.

Wooden spatulas are very useful when cooking in pots and frying in Teflon-coated pans. Due to the delicacy of wood, we are sure that Teflon coating shall not get deteriorated when mixing dishes. Spatulas can have straight, oblique or openwork shapes.

When it comes to preparing dishes, we have solid cutting boards to offer. The boards are of various sizes and shapes. Wooden boards are much more appreciated than the ones from plastic.

Serving meals is getting important since it marks visual aspects and settings of prepared food. Our trays are of  classic shapes, and will perfectly complement any tableware or a decorative cup.

Kitchen equipment should also include bread containers, called bread bins. Thanks to this product, your bread will stay fresh longer, while its wooden form will make any kitchen table more attractive. 

How to take care of wooden kitchen equipment?

In order to have your utensils in use for a long time in the best condition, you should remember about regular washing. You need to use warm water with a mild cleaning agent and then wipe the wood surface dry.

From time to time, it is worth rubbing a little olive onto wood utensils for better maintenance. We encourage you to get acquainted with our store full assortment; in case of any queries, please contact us.