Forest Gorlice – a leading manufacturer of wooden hangers in Poland

Wooden hangers

The hangers made from wood are one of the main products of our company. Thanks to our efforts, the passion we put into our work, we are the leading producer in Poland.

We have also gained the major position on the European market.

Apart from clothes hangers, our products are kitchen utensils such as bread containers, cutting boards, wooden trays and many more.

We invite you to get acquainted with our wide range of wooden hangers for various purposes and with the offer of kitchen utensils.

What are our hangers produced from?

As a leading manufacturer of wooden hangers, Forest Gorlice commits to taking care of its customers, ensuring the highest standard of the offered assortment.

Our hangers are made mainly of beech wood, which is very durable and solid. We also use other types of wood: ash, oak and maple.

Wooden hangers are lacquered – thanks to such finishing, the wood is pleasant to touch and looks elegant. In our rich offer you can choose the color of varnish, stain, and other parameters individually matched to each customer.

The shape and appropriate size of the hanger are very important, so to be considered the authoritative wooden hangers manufacturer, we have the hangers for various types of clothing in our assortment.

If there are any uncertainties or questions about any product purchase from our online store, or for wholesale demands – for example, supermarkets stores or for re-distribution, we encourage you to contact our employee.

Who is the customer of our products?

Our wooden hangers are very popular on the European market. It is an honorable distinction for us and a sign of trust and appreciation of our products.

We feel proud to be the distributors to the stores such as IKEA, sole distributors to La Mania, Greenpoint, Black Red White, Próchnik S.A., E.Leclerc, and many others.

Our regular customers are the companies from many European countries, but there are also some representatives from Japan, Switzerland and Russia.