Elegant interior furnishing – valet stands

Wooden hangers

Valet stands are a very common element of hotel room equipment, which is to be convenient and comfortable. The stand comes in handy when the hotel guest needs to put off their overcoat safely, with no risk of making it creasy or dirty.

Wheeled-stands can be used to transport clothes from the lobby, which is very useful in luxury hotels.

Valet stands are also a perfect complement to any room interiors, thanks to it the space is well organized and economical. The traveler does not have to occupy the seating for storing his wardrobe.

In the following article we will present the information about what our valet stands are made of and how their design was planned to make them as useful as possible.

How to select valet stands?

In our valet stands offer you will find solid products made of beech wood, varnished.

We offer stands of various designs, depending on what is to be hanged or put on them.

The stand called Parys is a double 3D hanger design, on which you can hang a coat or a suit. It is tall, so even longer clothing will be safely placed on it. In addition, the hanger has wooden crossbars on which you can hang trousers, belt, or shawl. Instead of traditional legs it has small wheels, thanks to which it is very easy to relocate the stand.

Another type of stand is the one for suitcases and bags. It has stable legs, no wheels, equipped with one shoulder hanger for light coats in the back-rest.

A very-smart design stand called Hektor will bring a nice décor to the simplest and minimalist interior. It has a 3D hanger and extra small shelf for small accessories. Below there is a thin wooden bar, which can be used as a belt or scarf hanger.

We encourage you to review our valet stands range in our online store, where you can find all the details and buy online a single unit or wholesale quantity.

Individual attitude to the customer

We do the utmost to meet all the requirements of our clients, because we understand that everyone has different needs.

Valet stands can be branded with a company’s logo.

In addition, we can improve the usability of the stands through extra protections for flat or 3D hangers.

To keep the clothing hanged steadily on the hanger, we can optionally add special covers, e.g. silicone, rubber ribbed stripes, flock-layers or non-slip varnish.

In case of any doubts or questions, please contact our staff.